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Along the Way - Burghead to Hopeman

Date: Saturday 16 June, 2018

Event leader: Margot Henderson for Moray Way Association

Price: £5.00 - £8.00Meet time: 14:00

Estimated finish time: 16:00

Difficulty: Easy PlusGroup size: 12

Distance: 4 miles (6km)

Please note: There will be lots of stops on this walk.

Booking deadline: 0:00 Friday 15 June, 2018


Booking Deadline has passed

Along the Way - Burghead to Hopeman

Along the Way – part of the Walking History project

Along the Moray Way, the coast is bright and clear

Stories sounding on the waves, echo down the years

Along the Moray Way as we walk along the shore

We are walking in the footsteps of those who went before

Romans and Vikings, Mormaers and Picts

Fisher Quines and Travellers, Farmers and Activists

Along the Moray Way is a treasure kist

Full of nature’s wonders and we’re all part of this

Join poet and storyteller Margot Henderson on a walk from Burghead to Hopeman in the footsteps of Vikings and Fisher Quines, Romans, Picts and Activists.

In the spirit of the travellers, ‘the summer walkers’ where stories are sourced from the place itself and the people who live there, where the rhythm of the stories is also the rhythm of our steps, walking the land. Sharing the walks and the stories brings a deeper sense of belonging in community, history and place and helps to put Moray on the map as a natural and cultural resource.

You can also join Margot Henderson and  Jim Hall on ‘Along the Way’ walk from Covesea to Hopeman on Saturday 23 June.

Where to Meet - Description

Meet at Hopeman East Beach car park. Nearest Postcode IV30 5RX. From Elgin, Follow A96 west out of Elgin and take the B9013 on your right about 6miles. Follow this road until just before Burghead when you should turn left along the coast on the B9040. Continue on this road until you reach Hopeman and then turn left onto Harbour St. Follow this road to the bottom and take the last right and follow this road until you see the car park in front of the beach.

Then we will take you by transport the start of the walk.

Where to Meet - Map

Use the zoom controls to view the meeting place in more detail,

About the Provider

The Moray Way Association was founded in 2011 with the aim of creating Moray’s long distance walking route, The Moray Way, a 100 mile circular walking trail. Since 2012 the organisation has also organised the Moray Walking & Outdoor Festival with the purpose of encouraging walking and other outdoor pursuits in Moray.

The Moray Way Association is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), Scottish Charity number SC047381.

Last year, the organisation worked with storytellers Margot Henderson and Ben Hinnie and local history writer Norman Thomson on a storytelling project along the Moray Way, called Walking History, which was funded by the Heritage Lottery. This event showcases some of this work.

Margot is a Community Artist, whose work over the last 30 years, encourages creative self expression, explores roots and heritage, and connection to place, developing community and generating a sense of belonging. Much of her work is environmental, site specific, participatory and intergenerational.  Sharing stories is a wonderful way to bring people together, to share and value their experience, to develop a sense of their lives in context, to nurture a sense of empathy with others and a sense of belonging to community, history and place.

Jim has been living and regularly walking on this section of the Moray Coast for over 10 years. He has a background in teaching and is a trained walking guide. The stunning sandstone cliffs between Covesea and Hopeman have a fascinating geological history and are home nesting fulmars, kittiwakes and cormorants amongst others. The walk of about 4 miles is on a well maintained footpath requiring moderate fitness and will afford many views of the cliff scenery and access to beaches and caves on the route.

Money raised from this event will support the development of the Moray Way and the Moray Walking & Outdoor Festival.

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