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Sea Stacks, Caves, Coves and Beaches (Sun)

Date: Sunday 17 June, 2018

Event leader: David Binney

Price: £5.00 - £10.00Meet time: 08:45

Estimated finish time: 15:00

Difficulty: Moderate PlusGroup size: 14

Distance: 10 miles (16km)

Please note: This event is repeated on Tuesday 19 June



Sea Stacks, Caves, Coves and Beaches (Sun)

This is one of my very favourite walks. The coastline from Hopeman along to Lossiemouth is full of interest and surprises. That the seashore section can only be completed dryshod on the lowest of tides adds to its attractions for me. In 2018 the tide times and heights are almost perfect. This walk, starting and finishing in Hopeman, is a circular with the outbound leg being along the shore and returning along the clifftops. The seashore is a mix of rock platforms, boulders and caves, combined with a delight of sandy beach, sea stacks and headlands. Remember a towel if you fancy a swim.

Expect to encounter seaweeds and wet rocks. The difficulty of the rocky shoreline varies enormously depending upon the experience and confidence of the walker. Those who enjoy ‘boulder hopping’ across gaps will have broad smiles on their faces. More cautious folks will spend rather more time and energy gently stepping down and around; this is slower but not a problem, we will have plenty of time. Everyone will need to watch out for slimmy rocks and wet polished granite if they are to avoid stumbles.

The rewards are numerous. The caves are striking examples of changing sea levels, with several thought to have been used as burial chambers in bronze age times. If you have never explerienced the total darkness that only a cave can deliver, then Gordonston Cave will be on your ‘must do’ list. Sea stacks, collapsed caves and striking rock strata will delight the geologist within you. Nesting Cormorants and Kittwakes as well as the possibility of Peregrine Falcon and Osprey will keep birdwatchers entertained.

At Clashach the eagle eyed will spot the old piers where stone from the quarry was loaded in the early 20th century. The evidence for smuggling activity is also very evident at several locations.

Children are very welcome but not a family event as such. Mine still talk of their first venture along this coast aged 11 & 13yrs. Not recommended for dogs.

Where to Meet - Description

Meet at Hopeman East car park.
Turn off the B9040 Burghead to Lossiemouth coast road in Hopeman following signs to Hopeman Harbour. At the Harbour turn right to the East beach area, signposted 'East Beach Promenade'. Park towards the far end, before the 10mph signs. Look for the Festival banner.
Grid Ref, NJ147698 Post Code IV30 5RY

Where to Meet - Map

Use the zoom controls to view the meeting place in more detail,

About the Provider

David is a member of the organising group, the Moray Way Association. The Moray Way Association is a Scottish Charity.

Having enjoyed the outdoors since his early childhood, he has in recent years stopped chasing peaks and has spent more time working to improve access in the local area. This varies from physically clearing obstructions to designing websites that encourage participation.
All monies raised from this walk will go to supporting future festivals.

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Updated February 2018