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Wildlife Tracking and Bird Language

Date: Sunday 16 June, 2019

Event leader: Dan Puplett Nature Awareness

Price: £5.00 - £10.00Meet time: 14:00

Estimated finish time: 16:30

Difficulty: Easy PlusGroup size: 15

Distance: 1.5 miles (2km)



Wildlife Tracking and Bird Language

Join a certified wildlife tracker on this wildlife walk exploring the fascinating world of woodland birds and animals and the many clues they leave behind. Learning to track gives us a glimpse into the secret lives of the wildlife around us. You will also learn to identify bird calls, and when we add to this ‘bird language’ – the art of interpreting bird calls and behaviour – a whole new world opens up! Learn how to spot owls, sparrowhawks and more by paying close attention to what other birds are up to. Experience an eye-opening exploration and bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you as we piece together the evidence on this wildlife detective walk!

Bring: Binoculars (optional)

Where to Meet - Description

Meet at Brumley Brae car park, Quarrel Wood, Take the A96, at the west end of Elgin turn onto Morriston Road at the Eight Acres Hotel. After about ½ mile (0.8km) turn left onto Brumley Brae. Look out for the car park on the left after about 500 yards (450 metres).
Grid Ref: NJ 198634 Postcode IV30 6AR

Where to Meet - Map

Use the zoom controls to view the meeting place in more detail,

About the Provider

Dan Puplett is a naturalist, conservationist and outdoor educator providing training in a range of nature-based skills, as well as opportunities to get closer to the fantastic fauna and flora of our planet. His company, Dan Puplett Nature Awareness, offers a high quality service for those who want to protect, understand, connect to or simply enjoy the natural world. Dan provides public and bespoke courses, guided walks, environmental education and more.

As well as public events, Dan delivers professional services for a range of organisations and has featured on BBC’s Landward programme and Radio 4. His clients have included Aigas Field Centre, Field Studies Council, National Trust, Woodland Trust Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Trees for Life & Wilderness Awareness School.

About Dan

Dan Puplett has had a passion for the natural world from an early age. He went on to volunteer for a range of conservation projects and did his BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies including a year’s ranger placement with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Dan later completed his MSc in Environmental Forestry, while doing other conservation and environmental education work.

He worked for Trees for Life for over 11 years, where his many roles included leading over 80 residential conservation weeks in the Highlands, conducting surveys and training conservation leaders.

For over thirty years Dan has studied a variety of naturalist and wilderness skills. He has a certificate (98% score) in Wildlife Track and Sign from Tracker Certification (a rigorous, internationally recognised tracking assessment) and the NCFE Level 3 Advanced Bushcraft Award.

Dan is an Associate Tutor for the Field Studies Council, an instructor for the Kamana Naturalist Training Programme, a guest instructor for the Aigas Ranger Training Scheme, and has staffed a range of Art of Mentoring and other courses with nature connection pioneer, Jon Young. He has also assisted with large carnivore research as Volunteer Team Leader for Slovak Wildlife Society’s wolf and lynx tracking surveys.

He has been extensively involved in environmental education with people of all ages, including home education groups as well as with disadvantaged youth and vulnerable adults.

Dan lives in Moray, Scotland. He loves funk, slacklining and kung fu, and sometimes performs (unusual) comedy!

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