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Dr John Barrett leading a history walk in Forres

Dr John Barrett leading a history walk in Forres

Could you be an Event Provider?

The Moray Way Association works with over 20 organisations and individuals to create the Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival programme.

Would you like to join us?

We are always looking for new providers at add to the breadth of the programme, both in terms of geographic spread across Moray but also in terms of increased variety of outdoor activities. We are also keen to include a range of indoor evening events, either informative and/or entertaining. Local organisations run their events to promote their company, charity or community group; to inform people about the area, to launch a new type of event and to raise funds. We all work together to promote Moray as a great place to enjoy the outdoors. From walking to cycling and history, wild swims to poetry walks, the programme includes a wide variety of events for all abilities and ages.

We are always looking for new events and if you would like to get involved please contact The Moray Way Association can support you to develop your event and give training, advice and volunteer support when available. Providers usually enter their own event details directly onto the website and this Information booklet has been produced to help them do this. We suggest you download this to see what is involved in doing this. You should also be familiar with the Booking Terms and Conditions which apply to both Providers and Customers.

The Forestry Commission has been involved with the Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival since 2012 and the programme has grown every year since then. The Festival gives us an opportunity to offer a guided walk of the hidden WWII history of Lossiemouth Forest and show a different side to this stunning coastal landscape.
Neil Theodoreson, Community and Education Ranger, Forestry Commission Scotland

Please note:

Much of the organisation of the festival is carried out by volunteers. Even so costs are incurred, eg website hosting, roadside banners, leaflets. In order to cover some of these costs the price of each event is split 20:80 between the Moray Way Association and the Event Provider, with 80% going to the provider.

Support documents for Providers:

MWOF website guide for Providers for entering and managing your event.

Cancellation guidelines if an Event has to be cancelled.

To go to the login page for Event Providers use this link: